The Querbinder - Team

Over the past years the bow - tie has never died out: it has just passed out of mind. However the art of being able to tie has disappeared which is why most men (and women) seek pre tied products. But at the end of the day nothing can underline the individuality and elegance as well as self - tied bow - ties.
Do you know how to fasten your shoes? Then it should not be too difficult for you to do up your own bow - tie since it requires the same knot!
We hope you do up your own bow - ties or at least want to maintain this forgotten artform. Our range of products offer an appropriate accessory for every occasion: Starting with classic blackties to fancy neck jewellery for highly fashionable men and women.
We are an upcoming company and manufacture bow - ties, pocket squarres and label pins in our studio in Berlin, Germany. We only use high - grade fabrics to ensure you rerceive the best quality products possible.
We hope that the bow - tie will become a staple garment for fashion - conscious people in their everyday life. In doing so we have modernized the bow - tie to suit contemporrary fashion.

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